Our Crew

The Heartbeat of Shamrock Virtual

Meet the Aviators Behind Our Virtual Skies

At Shamrock Virtual, our crew is the core of our virtual skies. Each pilot, from across the globe, brings a unique passion for aviation that fuels our collective journey. Our crew members are not just pilots; they are ambassadors of our values, dedicated to fostering a spirit of camaraderie, excellence, and innovation.

In the vast expanse of the virtual skies, our pilots navigate with precision, enthusiasm, and a shared commitment to creating an immersive flying experience for all. From seasoned aviators who've charted thousands of virtual miles to newcomers eager to take their first flight, our crew embodies the diversity and unity that Shamrock Virtual stands for.

Here, every flight tells a story, every pilot contributes to our legacy. As we continue to grow and explore new horizons, we invite you to meet the individuals who make Shamrock Virtual a leading virtual airline. Our pilot roster, dynamically updated with phpVMS, showcases the talent, achievements, and dedication of our crew.

Whether you're considering joining our ranks or simply wish to learn more about the people who make Shamrock Virtual what it is, we're proud to introduce you to our team. Welcome to our community, where every pilot plays a pivotal role in our journey across the skies.

Name Airline Location Flights Flight Time
EIN003 Anto D EIN RPLL 58 128h:42m
EIN001 Marco Van Den B EIN LEMD 122 221h:45m
EIN002 James O D EIN EIDW 57 123h:16m
EIN276 Gary H EIN LEMG 44 95h:07m
EIN007 Wim P (In M EIN EHAM 0 00h:00m
EIN021 Graeme W (In M EIN EGSS 0 00h:00m
EIN005 Deleted U EIN ENGM 15 24h:22m
EIN020 Ryan T EIN RPLL 64 164h:36m
EIN009 Brendan B EIN LTBS 10 28h:06m
EIN006 Dave B EIN MUHA 37 85h:11m
EIN282 Paul A EIN EIDW 1 01h:23m
EIN419 Mathias V EIN EGKK 2 02h:21m
EIN291 Deleted U EIN EGTE 1 00h:59m
EIN288 Allan I EIN EIDW 2 01h:55m
EIN017 John S EIN KJFK 78 144h:55m
EIN015 Noel K EIN EIDW 15 21h:28m
EIN016 Taha E EIN EICK 0 00h:00m
EIN809 Jon R EIN ZBAD 3 04h:59m
EIN010 Stephen H EIN EKCH 8 13h:26m
EIN041 Deleted U EIN EIDW 1 01h:35m
EIN042 Kaiden J EIN EGFF 1 00h:38m
EIN892 Dan C EIN EGKK 0 00h:00m
EIN043 Nicola P EIN EGAC 0 00h:00m
EIN045 Evan J EIN EIDW 0 00h:00m
EIN206 Maciej S EIN EIDW 0 00h:00m